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How’s FriendFeed going?

I have been asked how are things going with FriendFeed.

Well, I’ve set it up for our library, but other than that, it’s not going (no one’s connecting to it). I think it’s the best social media service no one’s heard of. But it was so good, or at least potentially good, that Facebook bought it.

Personally, I like FriendFeed’s interface and for what it can do in terms of sharing and connecting with others from academia. But, so far the Library is the only department in the college that has it, as far as I know (another reason for a central social media dashboard).

I’ve set up a number of discussion groups, hardly anyone has joined, and so far no discussions. More publicity is the necessary answer. This is an example where a central dashboard would be so helpful in bringing awareness to FriendFeed and our other social media. Interestingly, an academic librarian from New York State has subscribed to all our discussion groups. I’m sorry to disappoint her that we have no discussions to show.

You wonder how certain people discovered you, and why they subscribe: only a handful of subscribers, but they are interesting. One is a librarian from the National Library of Singapore. Another subscriber is Russian—clicked on her Web page, and it is all in what appears to be Russian, so I have no idea who or what she is. Another subscriber is what appears to be Italian; incredibly, she has 19,164 subscriptions and has 383 subscribers. A social media junkie, to be sure, and a very popular one with others to boot.

One of the nice feed options available in FriendFeed: FriendFeed is great for showing the Library’s latest bookmarked sites added to our Delicious page. You click on FriendFeed and the latest bookmarks are listed in the discussion area. The fact that I always annotate these bookmarks can make for interesting reading (I hope).


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